Employment & volunteer placements needed

Could you help a refugee to improve their job prospects, or give an unaccompanied asylum seeking child a precious volunteering opportunity? We know these are not normal times, but the people we support can be further disadvantaged in current circumstances, so anything you can do to help as businesses reopen would be greatly appreciated.

We’re keen to find work placements, long and short-term, paid or unpaid, to give our clients valuable experience and help them to progress in their careers. Customer-facing roles, or those in admin or food establishments would be useful, and in particular we are looking for placements in accountancy and childcare settings, but we would be very grateful for any offers. Even a couple of days’ shadowing could be really useful. If you or your business might be able to help, please contact Jodi: jpeck@suffolkrefugee.org.uk

All of the Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children we help are in full-time education, but their courses are only 3-4 days per week. Therefore we would love to find suitable one-day-a-week volunteering opportunities for young refugees under 18 years of age. If you might be able to help, please contact Cathy: cgonzalez@suffolkrefugee.org.uk

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