We’re acutely aware that the closure of schools due to coronavirus could disproportionately affect some of the families and young people we work with. Many have already had their education interrupted by displacement and traumatic experiences, and simply do not have the resources to keep up with schooling at home, particularly asylum seekers (who live on around £5.50 per day in support) and those facing uncertainty around accommodation and legal status. Early in lockdown we realised lack of IT resource and internet access would be a particular barrier to education, and fundraised, through our own computer appeal fund and the Suffolk Coronavirus Community Fund (launched by Suffolk Community Foundation) to provide laptops for the families and students we identified as most disadvantaged. We are delighted that those laptops have now been sourced, safely set up and delivered, and that they are currently being used to transform the educational and life chances of vulnerable young people we support. A huge thank you to everyone whose generous donations made this possible!