We are urgently looking for private landlords who would consider providing move-on
properties to lovely refugee families (mainly Syrian) who are established after 18 months-2 years in the
UK and are looking for a new home as part of the next chapter in their resettlement—a very important
psychological step! This would also enable programme properties to be freed up for new arrivals, as we
currently have a bottleneck situation!

Landlords would need to be willing to accept tenants on Local Housing Allowance and with no guarantor (it is very difficult for recently resettled families to provide a guarantor who fits the criteria) as these are the two main barriers to the families sourcing private rental housing. The families would have a (good) reference from Anglia Care Trust on their programme tenancy, and would continue to be supported by Suffolk Refugee Support. Most importantly, you would be giving a huge helping hand to families who are trying to rebuild their lives and for whom a safe, secure place to live means everything, plus you would be freeing space for more families and enabling Suffolk to meet its resettlement commitments.

Ideally the properties would be in Ipswich, close to the town centre or on fairly direct public transport
routes into town to give people access to support services, English classes etc. If you, or someone you
know, might be able to help, please contact our Resettlement Programme Coordinator, Susannah: