Access to high quality, funded legal advice is an essential part of any fair asylum process, without which asylum seekers can be denied the protection they need. It is also one of the most pressing issues currently facing our clients at Suffolk Refugee Support.

Although SRS is not legally qualified to provide immigration/asylum advice, we do help individuals to access good quality immigration legal advice wherever possible and support them through the process of their asylum claim. Unfortunately, such legal advice is becoming increasingly difficult to access. Currently, we rely upon a legal aid solicitor from Luton who visits our office to provide an outreach service once a month, and we refer our clients to a firm in Colchester who hold a legal aid contract. We will continue to campaign against the lack of provision locally and its implications for access to justice.

If you need good quality legal advice, please contact our office or visit the Legal Services Commission website to find a legal advisor in your area. Appointments with immigration advisors are subject to legal aid requirements being met.

Legal Services Commision website

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